Anonymous asked:
hi would really like to know the products you use for an everyday makeup routine ! :)

Covergirl 3in1 foundation, Maybelline Fit Me concealer, Naked 2 palette, Physicians formula eyeliner, Amazon eyelashes, Nyx brow cake, Milani blush in Red vino, Arbonne bronzer, & Nyx soft matte lip cream in Cannes 💋

Sorry it seems like a lot!

treat me like shit i love it


Everything you love is here

i feel so fucking alone 


Anonymous asked:
When your nipples go soft what happens to your piercing?


it falls out n u have to get it repierced

nothing happens.



The way he’s looking at her, you’d think they were dating in real life.

i miss this show so much! i miss them so much, i miss their fights, their mischief, their laughs, their schemes. its hard to think ive become so attached to these unreal characters played out by these actors and i just cant believe the shows finished! ive loved every single character and actor and episode and i just love these two so much words cant express. i probably have some attachment disorder to gossip girl lol.